EISH!!! #teammafisi New N-Asses in A Clinic near you.


There has been a new discovery lately that our young boys and men have been pretending to fall sick often, for no alleged reasons…

A group of disappointed parents meet at a local clinic(name hidden for security purposes) and started demonstrating about the services offered by the clinic for their husbands and boys only want to go to the clinic even if they aren’t sick.

It then came to their attention, that the N-Asses could be reason… The police came just at the right time to save the N-Asses from Street Justice

The N-Asses taken to the court the next day and the judge ordered an equal distribution of the N-Asses across the country to help people get people get medical attention that they need.

100% Good News for TeamMafisi 😼😼😼


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